Our History

This project started somewhere in the late 2013 as a hobby by our supreme leader Juraj Zikmund.

The reason I finally decided to create my own tool, was that all of the other PDF toolkits were either insufficient or just way too expensive. It was a clear sign there is a room for improvement.

It was a lot of work and sleepless nights in addition to a full-time job, so the progress took far more than it should. After a year or two I was able to create basic tool to fix broken files
- at that moment I've realized "Dude! This thing works!".

I didn't want to keep a working tool just for myself, so I've started to very slowly shape it towards a public release. The hardest decision was how and when release the project. A lot of effort was put into guides, tutorial, API reference, website to deliver a high-quality product, so I hope it will serve a purpose.

Juraj Zikmund

Few years later in 2018 we founded Vanilla.PDF Labs with a mission to release, enhance and support this project.

Our company

The first tough choice was to pick short and accurate product name. After a months of struggling we come up with the Vanilla.PDF for two reasons.

  • It is a flower, which defined our color scheme
  • It has other meaning as blank or basic

The blank meaning fits quite well with our application, because it literally allows you to create blank PDF files - which other toolkits often doesn't.

With the name in mind, it was the right time to focus on public profile, such as logos and website. Luckily, we have found a very creative graphic designer, who took a good care of the product appearance.

If you'd like to know more about the company or simply anything regarding our portfolio, we would love to hear from you! Please visit section Contact us.

Our Mission

We thrive on providing our customers the best possible solutions and services. It is no secret we are a small company, so we cannot compete with giants on the market. Instead, using our limited resources as efficient as possible is what we love.

The goal is set and we will carry on by:

Creating new outstanding utilities

Deliver frequent and high-quality updates

Support our customers

Expand our product based on your feedback

Never gonna

Sleepless nights

Git commits

Lines of code


Our head office is located in the capital city of Slovakia, the heart of the central Europe

Vanilla.PDF Labs s.r.o.
Jesenského 194/12
811 02, Bratislava, Slovakia

Phone: +421 903 245 072