Latest release (1.3.0)

Release notes:

  • IO streams exposed on API - details
  • Added tools project to the release package
  • Fixed WiX upgrade from older versions
  • Extended examples with customized write callbacks - details
Platform Filename Hash
Windows win64-x64 Installer vanillapdf_1.3.0_win64-x64.msi vanillapdf_1.3.0_win64-x64.msi.sha256
Windows win64-x64 ZIP
Windows win32-x86 Installer vanillapdf_1.3.0_win32-x86.msi vanillapdf_1.3.0_win32-x86.msi.sha256
Windows win32-x86 ZIP
Linux amd64 debian vanillapdf_1.3.0_amd64.deb vanillapdf_1.3.0_amd64.deb.sha256
Linux amd64 tarball vanillapdf_1.3.0_amd64.tar.gz vanillapdf_1.3.0_amd64.tar.gz.sha256
Linux i386 debian vanillapdf_1.3.0_i386.deb vanillapdf_1.3.0_i386.deb.sha256
Linux i386 tarball vanillapdf_1.3.0_i386.tar.gz vanillapdf_1.3.0_i386.tar.gz.sha256

For more information visit full API documentation.