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NamedDestinationsHandle Class Reference

A map of unique names mapped to their associated a DestinationHandle. More...

Inheritance diagram for NamedDestinationsHandle:
error_type NamedDestinations_Contains (NamedDestinationsHandle *handle, const NameObjectHandle *name, boolean_type *result)
 Determine if current map contains name.
error_type NamedDestinations_Find (NamedDestinationsHandle *handle, const NameObjectHandle *name, DestinationHandle **result)
 Find mapped value for key name. More...
error_type NamedDestinations_Release (NamedDestinationsHandle *handle)
 Decrement the internal reference counter. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknownHandle
error_type IUnknown_AddRef (IUnknownHandle *handle)
 Increment the internal reference counter.

Detailed Description

A map of unique names mapped to their associated a DestinationHandle.

For more details please visit section - Named Destinations.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ NamedDestinations_Find()

error_type NamedDestinations_Find ( NamedDestinationsHandle handle,
const NameObjectHandle name,
DestinationHandle **  result 

Find mapped value for key name.

Prefer using NamedDestinations_Contains for validations.

This function throws internal exception on failure, which may render it slower.

◆ NamedDestinations_Release()

error_type NamedDestinations_Release ( NamedDestinationsHandle handle)

Decrement the internal reference counter.

When the internal counter reaches zero the object is deleted. Releasing already disposed object causes undefined behavior.

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