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Represents either cross-reference table or stream. More...

Inheritance diagram for XrefHandle:
error_type Xref_GetTrailerDictionary (XrefHandle *handle, DictionaryObjectHandle **result)
 Get cross-reference table meta-data dictionary. More...
error_type Xref_GetLastXrefOffset (XrefHandle *handle, offset_type *result)
 Get byte offset in the decoded stream from the beginning of the file to the beginning of the xref keyword in the last cross-reference section.
error_type Xref_GetIterator (XrefHandle *handle, XrefIteratorHandle **result)
 Get cross-reference entry iterator.
error_type Xref_ToUnknown (XrefHandle *handle, IUnknownHandle **result)
 Reinterpret current object as IUnknownHandle.
error_type Xref_FromUnknown (IUnknownHandle *handle, XrefHandle **result)
 Convert IUnknownHandle to XrefHandle.
error_type Xref_Release (XrefHandle *handle)
 Decrement the internal reference counter. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknownHandle
error_type IUnknown_AddRef (IUnknownHandle *handle)
 Increment the internal reference counter.

Detailed Description

Represents either cross-reference table or stream.


Member Function Documentation

◆ Xref_GetTrailerDictionary()

error_type Xref_GetTrailerDictionary ( XrefHandle handle,
DictionaryObjectHandle **  result 

Get cross-reference table meta-data dictionary.

For cross-reference tables it is the trailer dictionary after all entries. For cross-reference streams it is the streams dictionary.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ Xref_Release()

error_type Xref_Release ( XrefHandle handle)

Decrement the internal reference counter.

When the internal counter reaches zero the object is deleted. Releasing already disposed object causes undefined behavior.

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