Vanilla.PDF  1.5.2
Cross-platform toolkit for creating and modifying PDF documents
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1 #ifndef _C_PKCS12_KEY_H
2 #define _C_PKCS12_KEY_H
4 #include "vanillapdf/c_export.h"
5 #include "vanillapdf/c_handles.h"
6 #include "vanillapdf/c_values.h"
8 #ifdef __cplusplus
9 extern "C"
10 {
11 #endif
39  VANILLAPDF_API error_type CALLING_CONVENTION PKCS12Key_CreateFromFile(string_type path, string_type password, PKCS12KeyHandle** result);
47  VANILLAPDF_API error_type CALLING_CONVENTION PKCS12Key_CreateFromBuffer(BufferHandle* data, string_type password, PKCS12KeyHandle** result);
52  VANILLAPDF_API error_type CALLING_CONVENTION PKCS12Key_ToEncryptionKey(PKCS12KeyHandle* handle, EncryptionKeyHandle** result);
57  VANILLAPDF_API error_type CALLING_CONVENTION PKCS12Key_FromEncryptionKey(EncryptionKeyHandle* handle, PKCS12KeyHandle** result);
62  VANILLAPDF_API error_type CALLING_CONVENTION PKCS12Key_ToSigningKey(PKCS12KeyHandle* handle, SigningKeyHandle** result);
67  VANILLAPDF_API error_type CALLING_CONVENTION PKCS12Key_FromSigningKey(SigningKeyHandle* handle, PKCS12KeyHandle** result);
73  VANILLAPDF_API error_type CALLING_CONVENTION PKCS12Key_Release(PKCS12KeyHandle* handle);
77 #ifdef __cplusplus
78 };
79 #endif
81 #endif /* _C_PKCS12_KEY_H */
error_type PKCS12Key_ToEncryptionKey(PKCS12KeyHandle *handle, EncryptionKeyHandle **result)
Reinterpret current object as EncryptionKeyHandle.
Used for document signing.
error_type PKCS12Key_ToSigningKey(PKCS12KeyHandle *handle, SigningKeyHandle **result)
Reinterpret current object as SigningKeyHandle.
This file contains all type forward declarations returned by the library API.
const char * string_type
C-Style string.
Definition: c_types.h:82
error_type PKCS12Key_FromEncryptionKey(EncryptionKeyHandle *handle, PKCS12KeyHandle **result)
Convert SigningKeyHandle to EncryptionKeyHandle.
PKCS#12 container is often used in cryptography to store asymmetric key pair.
error_type PKCS12Key_Release(PKCS12KeyHandle *handle)
Decrement the internal reference counter.
error_type PKCS12Key_FromSigningKey(SigningKeyHandle *handle, PKCS12KeyHandle **result)
Convert SigningKeyHandle to PKCS12KeyHandle.
uint32_t error_type
This is return value type of all API functions.
Definition: c_types.h:25
This file contains macro declarations for importing and exporting symbols from library boundaries...
Represents encryption key other than password.
This file contains types and constants used as parameters or return values.
error_type PKCS12Key_CreateFromBuffer(BufferHandle *data, string_type password, PKCS12KeyHandle **result)
Uses PKCS#12 standard format to access asymmetric keys.
Represents memory stored data.
error_type PKCS12Key_CreateFromFile(string_type path, string_type password, PKCS12KeyHandle **result)
Uses PKCS#12 standard format to access asymmetric keys.