Vanilla.PDF  1.5.2
Cross-platform toolkit for creating and modifying PDF documents
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CErrorsThis class contains additional informations about last error occurred
 CIUnknownHandleBase class for reference counting
 CAnnotationHandleAn annotation associates an object such as a note, sound, or movie with a location on a page of a PDF document, or provides a way to interact with the user by means of the mouse and keyboard
 CLinkAnnotationHandleA link annotation represents either a hypertext link to a DestinationHandle elsewhere in the document or an Action to be performed
 CBufferArrayHandleRepresents a list of BufferHandle
 CBufferHandleRepresents memory stored data
 CByteRangeCollectionHandleRepresents a collection of ByteRangeHandle
 CByteRangeHandleRepresents starting byte offset and length
 CCatalogHandleThe root of a document's object hierarchy
 CCharacterMapHandleA CMap shall specify the mapping from character codes to character selectors
 CEmbeddedCharacterMapHandleFor character encodings that are not predefined, the PDF file shall contain a stream that defines the CMap
 CUnicodeCharacterMapHandleThe Unicode standard defines a system for numbering all of the common characters used in a large number of languages
 CContentInstructionHandleBase class for all content objects and operations
 CContentObjectHandleA sequence of content instructions grouped within a single object
 CContentOperationHandleAtomic operation modifying graphics state parameters
 CContentOperatorHandleAn operator is a PDF keyword specifying some action that shall be performed, such as painting a graphical shape on the page
 CDateHandleRepresents a reference to a particular day represented within a calendar system
 CDestinationHandleBase class for all destinations
 CDeveloperExtensionHandleSingle item within DeveloperExtensionsHandle collection
 CDeveloperExtensionsHandleThe extensions dictionary, an entry in the document's catalog dictionary, if present, shall contain one or more entries identifying developer-defined extensions to the ISO 32000-1 Standard
 CDeveloperExtensionsIteratorHandleIterator concept allowing to traverse over DeveloperExtensionsHandle collection
 CDictionaryObjectIteratorHandleUsed for accessing Dictionary elements through iterator interface
 CDigitalSignatureHandleRepresents document's authenticated digital signature
 CDocumentHandleRepresents high-level file access handle
 CDocumentInfoHandleMetadata for the document
 CDocumentSignatureSettingsHandleGroup of settings controlling document's digital signature
 CEncryptionKeyHandleRepresents encryption key other than password
 CPKCS12KeyHandlePKCS#12 container is often used in cryptography to store asymmetric key pair
 CFieldCollectionHandleCollection of FieldHandle
 CFieldHandleBase class for all fields
 CButtonFieldHandleA button field represents an interactive control on the screen that the user can manipulate with the mouse
 CChoiceFieldHandleA choice field contains several text items, one or more of which shall be selected as the field value
 CSignatureFieldHandleA signature field (PDF 1.3) is a form field that contains a digital signature
 CTextFieldHandleA text field is a box or space for text fill-in data typically entered from a keyboard
 CFileHandleRepresents low-level file access handle
 CFileWriterHandleImplements serialization of Files to destination stream
 CFileWriterObserverHandleAllows hooking on FileWriterHandle events
 CFilterBaseHandleBase class for all compression filters
 CASCII85DecodeFilterHandleThe ASCII85Decode filter decodes data that has been encoded in ASCII base-85 encoding and produces binary data
 CASCIIHexDecodeFilterHandleThe ASCIIHexDecode filter decodes data that has been encoded in ASCII hexadecimal form
 CDCTDecodeFilterHandleThe DCTDecode filter decodes grayscale or colour image data that has been encoded in the JPEG baseline format
 CFlateDecodeFilterHandleThe Flate method is based on the public-domain zlib/deflate compression method
 CFontHandleBase class for all fonts in to representable inside a PDF document
 CType0FontHandleA font composed of glyphs from a descendant CIDFont
 CFontMapHandleA dictionary that maps resource names to font dictionaries
 CInputOutputStreamHandleInput stream can read and interpret input from sequences of characters
 CInputStreamHandleInput stream can read and interpret input from sequences of characters
 CInputOutputStreamHandleInput stream can read and interpret input from sequences of characters
 CInteractiveFormHandleAn interactive form (PDF 1.2) - sometimes referred to as an AcroForm - is a collection of fields for gathering information interactively from the user
 CNamedDestinationsHandleA map of unique names mapped to their associated a DestinationHandle
 CObjectHandleBase class for syntactic tokens
 CArrayObjectHandleAn array object is a one-dimensional collection of objects arranged sequentially
 CBooleanObjectHandleBoolean objects represent the logical values of true and false
 CDictionaryObjectHandleA dictionary object is an associative table containing pairs of objects
 CIndirectReferenceObjectHandleRepresents reference to another object
 CIntegerObjectHandleInteger objects represent mathematical integers
 CNameObjectHandleA name object is an atomic symbol uniquely defined by a sequence of characters
 CNullObjectHandleThe null object has a type and value that are unequal to those of any other object
 CRealObjectHandleReal objects represent mathematical real numbers
 CStreamObjectHandleStream object represents compressed data inside document
 CStringObjectHandleReprsents human readable text
 COutlineBaseHandleBase class for document outlines
 COutlineHandleThe root of a document's outline hierarchy
 COutlineItemHandleChild element within tree-structured hierarchy of outline items
 COutlineItemColorHandleRepresenting the components in the DeviceRGB colour space of the colour that shall be used for the outline entry's text
 COutlineItemFlagsHandleA set of flags specifying style characteristics for displaying the outline item's text
 COutputStreamHandleOutput stream can write sequences of characters and represent other kinds of data
 CInputOutputStreamHandleInput stream can read and interpret input from sequences of characters
 CPageAnnotationsHandleAn array of annotation dictionaries that shall contain indirect references to all AnnotationHandle associated with the page
 CPageContentsHandleA content stream is a PDF stream object whose data consists of a sequence of instructions describing the graphical elements to be painted on a page
 CPageLabelHandlePage labels are used for numbering or otherwise identifying individual pages
 CPageLabelsHandleCollection of PageLabelHandle
 CPageObjectHandleThe leaves of the page tree are page objects, each of which is a dictionary specifying the attributes of a single page of the document
 CPageRangeHandleCollection of PageSubRangeHandle
 CPageSubRangeHandleSpecifies first and last page number of defined range
 CPageTreeHandleThe pages of a document are accessed through a structure known as the page tree, which defines the ordering of pages in the document
 CRectangleHandleRepresents rectangle in 2D space
 CResourceDictionaryHandleA content stream's named resources shall be defined by a resource dictionary, which shall enumerate the named resources needed by the operators in the content stream and the names by which they can be referred to
 CSigningKeyHandleUsed for document signing
 CPKCS12KeyHandlePKCS#12 container is often used in cryptography to store asymmetric key pair
 CViewerPreferencesHandleControlling the way the document shall be presented on the screen or in print
 CXrefChainHandleAn ordered collection of all XrefHandle within the PDF file
 CXrefChainIteratorHandleA pointer to XrefHandle within XrefChainHandle collection
 CXrefEntryHandleCross-reference entry represents item within XrefHandle
 CXrefCompressedEntryHandleRepresents compressed entry within cross-reference section
 CXrefFreeEntryHandleRepresents free entry within cross-reference section
 CXrefUsedEntryHandleRepresents used entry within cross-reference section
 CXrefHandleThe cross-reference table contains information that permits random access to indirect objects within the file
 CXrefIteratorHandleA pointer to XrefEntryHandle within XrefHandle collection
 CLibraryInfoInformations about library version and author
 CLicenseInfoLicensing utilities, determining whether this library is running in trial mode
 CLoggingThe library can provide some additional debug and error messages